Quasar v1.1.3 released!

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    When upgrading, please use along “@quasar/app” v1.1.2+ for best performance.



    • feat(QSlideItem): Add vertical gestures and actions (#4977)
    • perf(QPortal): major improvements – avoid unnecessary re-renders
    • perf(QMenu): improve show() logic #5110 #5108
    • feat(QDrawer): new event - @mini-state - triggered when mini-mode state changes #5118


    • fix(QDialog): do a full focus routine after losing focus instead of focusing the dialog container
    • fix(ie): Guard document.activeElement for null (#5106)
    • fix(api): Updates QSelect.json (#5104)
    • feat(QSelect): Emit Vue popup-show/popup-hide events, fix inconsistency on blur (#5105)
    • fix(ie): More guards for null document.activeElement (#5107)
    • fix(QMenu): Don’t use touch-position when the opening event does not have position (kbd) (#5110)
    • fix(QDialog): Only keep focus in dialog if showing (#5113)
    • fix(ie): Small adjustment for QBanner as direct child of QMenu (#5096)
    • fix(api): Adds events to QField json #5109 (#5116)
    • fix(QUploader): drag-n-drop failing when adding second file to a non-multiple QUploader #5121
    • chore(QLayout): small tweak to initialization

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