Table width and table's scrollbar

  • Hi,

    I don’t understand how scrollbar works in tables.

    If I set the width and is less than required to represent the data, the scrollbar appears. If I don’t set the width, the page just enlarges beyond the left side and the scrollbar of the page appears that makes the pagination and search field to be hidden.

    What’s the normal way to set the width to “the max that is visible” ie: 100vw - the width of the drawer(s) (unless they are in overlay mode…

    I have a codepen here, in case it’s not clear


  • Thanks for the codesandbox sandro.

    Change the div at the top to just <div class="q-pa-md">.


  • Thanks Scott! I don’t even remember why that was there…
    Your help as always is incredibly valuable!

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