ENTER key as navigational key and QSelect behaviour

  • Hi.

    For some reasons I must implement form fields navigation with both TAB and ENTER key.
    When it comes to be focused on a QSelect, I must obey the following:

    • IF the user press TAB => then tab out to next
    • IF the user press ENTER
      • IF QSelect already has value => then tab out to next
      • ELSE => Open QSelect options
    • IF the user press DONW => Open QSelect options

    It would be an easy task if just QSelect wouldn trap the bubbling out for the ENTER and DOWN keys.

    I’ve tryed with key[up|down|press].native with no success, so, in a nutshell, I must be able to interrupt the QSelect options to show up when the user press the default keys to do it, and do something else in the same key press event.

    Please, pretty please, allow those key to bubble, even if by some prop configuration.


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