Webstorm autocomplete stylus variables

  • Hi,

    Any idea how to achieve autocompletion of Quasar Stylus variables?

    Would be amazing for the <style> section, so, we can use directly the variables like $spaces, $breakpoints or colors in the styles.

    I tried and it only works with:

    <style lang="stylus" scoped>
      @import '~src/css/quasar.variables.styl';
      .cls { color:  $primary;  }

    E.g. it autocompletes `$primary".

    But not with ~quasar/dist/quasar.styl nor ~quasar/src/css/variables.styl.

    So, my workaround is to just copy ~quasar/src/css/variables.styl to src/css/quasar-variables.styl and then include them from quasar.variables.styl at the end @import 'quasar-variables.styl'. At least getting autocompletion in webstorm.

    Any better suggestion?

  • @panstromek might be able to help more here.


  • @panstromek any help?

  • I was thinking about solving this somehow in ide-helper, yea. But I didn’t get to it in the end. I get autocomplete from project files even without import though, so the easiest thing you can do is to just copy the file with variables into some ignored folder in the project (that’s probably what I would do with the ide-helper anyway, just automatically).


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