Framework suggestion: shorthand for two-way bind

  • if : is shorthand for a v-bind: [one-way bind] how about
    :: implemented as shorthand for a v-model: [two-way bind]


  • I would argue that it is rather a Vue thing than Quasar.

    Additionally this is a relevant read:

    Personally I think it is a very generous use of “::” symbol just for one semantic use case. In Vue there is a concept of modifiers:

    As for now, you can use default modifiers:

    <button :[key].prop.camel.sync="value"></button>

    One would argue, that your proposal of “::” prefix is equivalent to an implementation of a new modifier:

    <button :[key].twoway.reverse.async.anything.andotherthingorelse="value"></button>

    Exactly this topic has been discussed and resolved:

    As I mentioned earlier, as for now “the official” solution is use of “convention” (mixins/computed/watchers) instead of “configuration” (magic prefixes, modifiers, symbols etc.).

    Hope this helps.

  • You are right. Should not have posted that here. It’s really a Vue thing, not a Q thing.

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