Create another media query breakpoint

  • Is it possible to add another breakpoint for very large screen (width > 1600px) in addition to those already existing?
    I need that in order to develop a multi-device web application with Quasar.

  • Admin

    Hi, currently not possible but you just gave me a great idea. For the user to be able to set its own breakpoints through Stylus variables. Will try to squeeze this in for v0.14. An addition already in v0.14 is that you can set dynamic breakpoints (so at runtime through Vue props) for QLayout regarding left or right sides (what is now called Drawers).

  • @rstoenescu Thank you very much! However I’ve found a better solution for me right now, and I think that with the new features may be this one can wait a bit and be released forward in a future minor version.

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