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  • I have been trying to use the Quasar components in an existing project without starting from the boilerplate, and have found that there is not much documentation in the getting started section on this. It might not be the recommended way, but an overview of the dependencies, framework files, and when to include them could help a lot. There might also be some merit, to being able to quickly mockup something with quasar by dropping a reference in codepen or similar sites, for prototyping or interested adopters.

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    Hi, There will be a guide, if time allows. I’m currently under a lot of pressure for v0.14 release and need some funding to speed up development/articles/tutorials and so on. Whoever has the possibility, please help out so I can spend more time on Quasar!

  • Hi, I’m a new convert in a position similar to @ChrisB .
    Awesomest of jobs on quasar @rstoenescu btw (sorry first post, a lot to say).

    I’m glad to hear there will be tutorials and migration documentation soon, and I gladly support you on Patreon for your continuing hard work.

    My current project is still quite simple and is already based on Vue 2 (+firebase).
    I am still in a position to quickly restart from scratch with Quasar and migrate most of the current code to the quasar app manually.
    I would be very willing to start this right now, but I’m in doubt.

    My question is simple:

    Could I safely start this rewrite based on the dev branch, which seems to be v0.14 and almost 99% ready according to the ‘0.14 features’ post ?
    I don’t mind to wait a few weeks before I get tree-shaking, which seems like the only important feature not at 100% yet.
    Or should I stick to the bleeding edge 13.9 ? I’m really looking forward to using the new transitions though. And I also would like to avoid dealing with breaking changes just a few weeks later. Finally, I’m a total noob to quasar, so maybe I missed something obvious.

    Please advise.

  • I’d say, if you are starting out with a new project, you should start with v0.14 (dev), since it is a fair departure from v0.13.x. It’s still WIP and the docs are being worked on. So, use it at your own risk. 😄


  • What do you mean by “fair departure”? I’m just about to start a project, potentially using Quasar. How much difference are we talking about here?

  • It’s a good bit of changes and enough to suggest you start with v0.14, which should be out in a few days now. If you don’t mind waiting a little, it will be worth it.


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