[Cordova] preload route for fast rendering

  • Hi,

    I’m using vueJS 2 and vue-router (with es6, single component) to create a cordova mobile application and I noticed that the app was slow on first rendering.

    For exemple I have a small modal that appears on button click. This modal is slow the first time I click on the button but after that the render speed is good. I think the webview is caching HTML once it has been loaded and that could explain the fact that it’s only slow the first time.

    So how can I preload data before starting my app ?

    In angular Js 1 all I had to do was using angular template cache to cache all my HTML files but with vue js 2 I don’t have any similar thing.

  • Any idea?

  • Admin

    No preload is necessary as that isn’t the problem. Don’t really have time to explain now, but v0.14 will have some optimizations so the problem will go away when you upgrade your app. Thanks for your patience regarding the new release.