swipe, but also clipboard enabled?

  • I have a menu which affords navigation of sequential pages, but I also have previous/next buttons in a footer. I’d like to also add swipe left/right, but when I do, it seems to mess up the ability to copy text to the clipboard. Has anyone managed to do both? Here are my settings so far:

    <q-page-container v-touch-swipe.mouse.horizontal:0.7:50:100="userHasSwiped">
          <router-view ></router-view>

    I’m thinking the “minimum velocity (dist/time)”, which is the first parameter, might be the key. Are smaller number ‘faster’? or larger numbers? And what are distance and time measured in?


  • Using console.log, I see the results of a swipe. Example:

    direction: "right"
    distance: {x: 61, y: 1}
    duration: 103
    evt: MouseEvent {isTrusted: true, screenX: 1006, screenY: 450, clientX: 1006, clientY: 351, …}
    mouse: true
    touch: false

    distance/duration in this case is 0.59 and I have mine set to 20: v-touch-swipe.mouse.horizontal:20.00:0:0=“userHasSwiped”

    I thought that 20 would mean you’d have to swipe ultra fast. I was also hoping that :0:0 would mean the other params would be ignored, but maybe they aren’t?

  • Two questions:

    1. So I just have to hard reload the page? Or I need to quit and recompile the code from my IDE?
    2. Does setting the y & z to 0 make them ignored as I’ve tried to do?

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