Quasar build fails when project is created on windows machine - check in source control -opened on linux

  • I’m using the very latest bits.
    When I create a quasar project (quasar -cli based) on my windows machine. Quasar build: OK.
    when I check in the sources, and load them on a linux machine (same quasar cli), quasar build gives following error.

    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'pages/Index.vue' in '/home/paul/tfs-kuub/MyProject/src/router'
     @ ./src/router/routes.js 13:13-38
     @ ./src/router/index.js
     @ ./.quasar/app.js
     @ ./.quasar/client-entry.js
     @ multi ./.quasar/client-entry.js
     app:build [FAIL] Build failed with errors. Check log above. +0ms

    When I create the project directly on the linux box: quasar build: OK.

    Black magic 🙂

  • Everyone using docker will run into this problem when the original sources are created on Windows.

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