Ready to bet the business on it?

  • I hope it is ok to open up a thread on this.

    I Love what I see in Quasar. We are seriously considering it for a very important project - for a large medical practice. The resulting app would be deployed to PC web browser, mobile web browser, native iOS, and native Android.

    I admit I have some fear regarding how New Quasar is. While I know it has been in development for some time, it essentially Just came out of beta with V1.

    Is it ready to bet the business on it?

  • @FrankRuss - Quasar is production ready. Do you have any concrete concerns we might be able to dispell?


  • I had similar thoughts way back when Quasar was around v0.14, however I liked how nice it was to create apps with it so I decided to choose Quasar. Years later, development has been strong and I’m quite happy with the choice. I recently migrated some apps over to v1, which in my opinion isn’t the first “non-beta” version, but is really just an upgrade on how Quasar structures apps built on experience from the first few years of its development.

    I love being able to build a complex desktop app and PWA from the same codebase.

  • @s-molinari

    Thank you. I appreciate the response.

    The concrete concerns are:

    1. It’s V1.
    2. There is literally 1 and only 1 video course on it.
    3. There are, to my knowledge, 0 books on it.
    4. Consultants with experience are scarce to non existent.
    5. Frankly, there are quite a few topics here that go by with no comment. That’s ok, that’s forum life - but only if there is a paid support path.

    Technically, everything I see leads me to believe it is The Right Pick for our large project and company. But, I Am betting my job on it. I will be held solely responsible for the decision.

    In the old days, there used be a slogan about - nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. And later, that was - Microsoft. But, we now live in this Javascript framework world where change is rapid, constant, and sometimes violent. Just trying to stay out of the path of the big bus. 🙂

  • I can’t dispell those concerns directly about Quasar. But, it sounds like you are afraid of risk which is unfounded. The software is written and available. That in turn means your software can be written and available too. And, if you are honest, your concerns are valid for any reactivity-based component framework out there. 😃

    As for support, you (your company) could become patrons and get more personal support through our Discord server.

    As a last note, I know Rasvan and he’s bet his livelihood on Quasar. So he is 100% dedicated to making Quasar a success and not only for himself, but for the approximatdly 20 team members, who have devoted serious amounts of hours of their free time to making Quasar a great experience, including me.

    Sure, there will always be risk. But, follow your instincts. You won’t regret it. ☺


  • A year ago I was exactly where you are now except at that point Quasar wasn’t even at v1, no video, etc. We needed to migrate our flagship application from Flex/ActionScript to something sustainable and my job was the one on the line if the choice was not correct. I had a list of requirements any framework we chose had to meet and had implemented a proof of concept app in a bunch of them. Even at a 0.17 the Quasar implementation gave me the least bugs/quirks to work around, smaller built size, and great render times. As a bonus the CLI tool took care of configuring webpack, babel, etc for me, giving us more time free to migrate our product.

    So I took the leap and we started development with Quasar. To help mitigate the risks of change (especially with known breaking changes in the upcoming V1) we created wrapper classes for every component used. They allowed one person to move our codebase at that point from 0.17 to v1.beta in an afternoon. To prove to my management that going with a 0.17/beta framework was not a monumental risk I spent one day several months into development and made Vuetify versions of all the components. Almost every page worked without further modification. Since then, we have used more quasar specific functionality that would make that drastic of a change take more effort, but it would be a tiny tiny fraction of total development time.

    Concerns 2-4 to me seem centered around getting skilled talent working with Quasar.
    The docs for Quasar are very good, all of the examples take you directly to a working codepen. I can’t imagine going back to a book after getting used to clicking on an example, playing with it a few minutes to understand exactly how it works, then updating my actual code accordingly. We brought one person into our team since this project started. He had solid Vue experience but had never used Quasar. After two days of reading through the docs and experimenting with the code pens, he was producing quality code.

    The ported application is a full electronic health records system with additional data fields and validation to support ongoing research for several specific diagnoses. We opted for SPA only with breakpoints to work at desktops and on tablets. In reality, it works well even scaled down to my phone but we don’t promise that so we don’t have to support it. The testing effort is beyond our capacity and our clients aren’t willing to pay for it. I still have my job, happy management, and can confidently say Quasar was the correct choice for me to bet the business on for a medical application. 😃

  • Admin

    @FrankRuss Morning!

    Four years ago, I left my job as a successful senior manager at a software company to start out on my own, write software and clean windows (physical, not the OS 😃 ) as a way to get by until such a time that the software paid the bills. I have a wife and 2 children.

    4 years later, I’m in the core team within Quasar, I spend a considerable amount of time helping out where I can in Quasar and even my wife and kids know what Quasar is. The point? Quasar has had a big impact on a lot of people, myself included. I’m paying my bills, I’m writing software and simply put, I’m in the best position I’ve been in for a long time.

    When I started writing my software (which I have since shelved in favor of doing contract work / awaiting a migration to Quasar v1) - - I found lots of component frameworks, lots of handy standalone Vue components, lots of libraries to do what I wanted - you get my point.

    THEN I found Quasar.

    For me, I was sold in version 0.14. Even though the API was a lot different to the one you see now it was easy to see the dedication, the vision and the simply the genius in the framework. Quasar was on a mission to making developers lives easier and as a family man, I needed that.

    I needed a JS framework - Quasar filled those boots.
    I needed SPA and Mobile - Quasar did it.
    I needed a community that could help in areas I fell short in (JS was very new to me at the time) - Quasar had it. (p.s If the forum is a little Quiet, try discord 😉 )
    I needed a framework that provided solutions to problems I didn’t know I had - Quasar did it (things like SSR for SEO didn’t occur to me back then)

    What I’m trying to say is you’re not “betting” your job on anything, I firmly believe you’re guaranteeing your position within the company by taking them in a forward thinking, secure and firm direction using Quasar.

    Worth noting, I’ve just done EXACTLY the same: I’ve been on a 4 week trial for a longer term contract. My job was to build a browser extension. I could have done this in various ways but I believe in the direction of Quasar so much that even though Quasar didn’t support Browser Extensions, I sold the idea to the customer and implemented the new mode myself - I can’t share the results of that work just yet but I can say that I’ve landed that longer term contract. Because of Quasar.

    It’s not just me that made this investment - it was my wife and kids and we have absolutely ZERO regrets.

    What does this mean for you?
    1.0 is a number. Quasar could have been 1.0 back at 0.14 and we could now be on v4.1 but Razvan and in turn his team have high standards and nothing but the best would do. IMO there are no bets using Quasar, it’s a like a secure blanket in this cold and dreary node_modules filled world 🙂

    Anyways, I’ve waffled enough. Hit us up on Discord or here on the forums if you have any other questions 🙂


  • Thank you all so very much.

    Those are outstanding super helpful replies.

    We are moving ahead with Quasar. With confidence.

    Much gratitude.

  • Admin

    @FrankRuss Great news!

    Given your support needs as a business, I would highly recommend visiting and thinking about donating. This would give you access to pririty support and Razvan can provide invoices for your business if needs be.

    Regardless, we’ll be available on the forum and discord for any help required.


  • Thank you for mentioning that.

    We will indeed do monthly support. I will seek approval of that next week.

  • Welcome to the world of Quasar Frank!! 😄


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