Newbie to open source dev

  • Hello - Complete newb here to all open source and trying to pick back up some old dev hobbies. Curious as to the if there is a beginner guide to getting the framework up and running on the following server config…

    Ubuntu version = LTS
    NodeJS version = 8.10
    Postgresql version = 10.10
    Yarn version = 1.17.3

    Thanks for any help and/or guidance.

  • I think theres guide on how to contribute to the Quasar framework in the docs / github. A great place to get started with with app extensions.

    I’m not too sure what question your asking. If you want to contribute to the project theres some resources on github and the docs. If youre looking to deploy an SPA from a server then you can use something like nginx

    Theres a sevrer config in the docs for nginx, you’d run quasar build and then just point it to the file of your build, or copy it over to /www/websites/

    Hope this helps but please clarify your question.

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