Nested tables

  • Im having a data table with expandable rows that should contain yet another table like this :

                            <q-table :columns="tableColumnDefinitions.processColumns" :data="processingOrders" row-key="ProcessingOrderID" hide-bottom :rows-per-page-options="[0]" :pagination.sync="pagination">
                                <template v-slot:body="props">
                                    <q-tr :props="props">
                                        <q-td key="exp1" :props="props">
                                            <q-btn dense round flat :icon="props.expand ? 'arrow_drop_up' : 'arrow_drop_down'" @@click="expandProcessing(props)" />
                                        <q-td key="ProcessingOrderID" :props="props">{{ props.row.ProcessingOrderID }}</q-td>
                                        <q-td key="ParentOrderID" :props="props">{{ props.row.ParentOrderID }}</q-td>
                                        <q-td key="CustomerName" :props="props">{{ props.row.CustomerName }}</q-td>
                                        <q-td key="DeliveryDate" :props="props">{{ props.row.DeliveryDate }}</q-td>
                                        <q-td key="SalesRep" :props="props">{{ props.row.SalesRep }}</q-td>
                                    <q-tr v-show="props.expand" :props="props">
                                        <q-td colspan="100%">
                                            <q-table :columns="tableColumnDefinitions.processLineColumns" :data="props.row.Lines" row-key="ID" hide-bottom :rows-per-page-options="[0]" :pagination.sync="pagination">
                                                <li v-for="line in props.row.Lines">{{line}}</li>

    Now the outer table renders fine, but the inner table doesnt render at all. The props.row.Lines does contain data and I can render it in a simple list…

    Any suggestions?

  • Well… It turned out that props.row.Lines were null when no data was present… Not an empty array.
    If I either made it an empty array as default or changed the v-show with v-if on the expanded row, it works fine.

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