Repository of Quasar Consultants

  • I haven’t found this yet, and I think it would be very helpful - as well as help Quasar grow: a repository of people offering consulting development hours with Quasar.

    I know it is early in the Quasar journey, and there might not be many of you out there. But, if Any of you are out there, I think this is an opportunity for all involved. At a minimum, a section could be dedicated inside the forum to identifying people offering paid consulting. Even more, it would useful to have that as a link/section right on the Quasar website. ?

    If this thread doesn’t spur setting this up, but you read this and are able to offer consulting hours, please post here and PM me contact info. We are certainly looking for one or more folks to assist us in a large Quasar development project.

  • I have a similar requirement. Our company would engage an experienced Quasar developer in a paid consulting engagement for 2-4 weeks (some time on site, some maybe remote) to bootstrap our team working on Quasar. Anyone interested can send me a PM. At the same time, I’d be as interested as Frank to have links to collections of such skills.

  • Thanks for keeping the thread alive.

    Perhaps you want to PM me. Maybe we can exchange project stories and see if we can help each other.

  • There is a #jobs channel on the Discord server, but maybe one in thr forums might work too?

  • Thank you for pointing that out. I have a Discord account, but I still have to spend time figuring how to dwell in that world. 🙂 I’m a veteran developer, but I am a Discord rookie.

  • @FrankRuss - I would like to get in touch with you, but only found a chat function, no PM function for this forum 😉

    Any hints where the PM function is?

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