Has anyone contemplated using OpenCV with Quasar?

  • I’m wondering if one could write an app that can make use of a webcam on web/desktop, and phone cameras on Cordova versions. Has anyone in Quasar Land attempted such a thing? Would be interested in web and/or Electron for desktop plus Android and iOS for mobile.

    Maybe would need to use Quasar’s Platform helper to toggle between desktop and mobile versions of the OpenCV library. I see there are some Cordova plugins. Haven’t evaluated them yet.

  • There’s a JS wapper to opencv that’s available for use. I haven’t used it yet however based on your needs it might make sense to use a more lightweight solution.

    For instance if your doing something with facial recognition, theres stand alone packages that can help.

    If your project if heavily dependent on ocv then there’s a package for the android / iOS sdks

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