Quasar e Apex Charts [Sample application]

  • Hello person.

    I made an example repository of integration between Quasar V1 and Apex Charts.
    Integration is extremely easy.
    There is a good range of graphics, and responsiveness is great too

    we use the npm packages:

    Github: https://github.com/patrickmonteiro/quasar-apexcharts

    Here are some prints:


  • How about making an App Extension for this?


  • @s-molinari I will read the documentation and try to create an extension. I have no experience in this yet.

  • You can also look at the different app extensions already built for examples on how to build one.



  • Added new examples.

  • Just wondering for I’ve apex too. In my situation all charts on the dashboard use the same dataset. I just can’t get the ‘event’ from apex click back yet otherwise they would be linked. I have a custom legend now per chart which handles the drill down to the data in a table. I also already have ‘filter buttons’ in the legend which are hidden for the next phase for they didn’t function 100% to my liking. I’m going to try to add crossfilter to the dataset for speedy filtering. I could try phase two as an extension. It’s to include:

    • multi datasets on a dashboard
    • multi chart cards with which type of chart
    • position chart on dashboard (draggable I think)
    • save dashboard so you get a dropdown to choose which saved dashboard
    • off course the drilldown to the table
    • charts probably only thing used from apex, using quasar components for the legend and so forth
    • auto color shading per item (now I have an array of 30 colors, I want it auto generated and linking to the legend item so if you have two charts with that legend item its the same color)
    • export to something (pdf/excel)

    I’ll try to get updates going here and/or in the ‘i made this’ in discord.

  • good day, I am trying to use this, but it ask for access token ? … anyway thanks for this sir.

  • UPDATE Example


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