How to detect row clicks in qtable when combining with body-cell-[name] slots?

  • I’m using a q-table with scoped slots to format certain columns:

            <template v-slot:body-cell-rating="props">

    The table has many columns. Now I’d like to detect when the user clicks a row. I can do that like this:

    <template v-slot:body="props">
            <q-tr :props="props" @click.native="requestRowClick(">

    However, the problem with doing this is that this overrides the whole body, meaning I will have to specify a q-td manually for each column.

    Is it possible to combine these two somehow so that I can use the body-cell-[name] slot and at the same time detect row clicks?

  • @Gnopps You can just use body slot and use v-for for the columns.

    <q-td v-for="col in props.cols" :key="" :props="props">
      <template v-if=" === 'ratingcell'">
        <q-rating .../>
      <template v-else>{{col.value}}</template>

  • Yes, this works. Thanks a lot!

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