multiple entry points?

  • Hi, im moving my app from vue cli3 + vuetify where in have two entry points.

    I’m using:

    Is it possible to configure it with quasar cli?

    My vue.config.js file looks like that:

    module.exports = {
      pwa: {
        name: 'app'
      devServer: {
        port: 5004
      pages: {
        app: {
          entry: 'src/main.js',
          template: 'public/index.html',
          filename: 'index.html',
          excludeChunks: ['silent-refresh']
        'silent-refresh': {
          entry: 'src/silent-refresh.js',
          template: 'public/silent-refresh.html',
          filename: 'silent-refresh.html',
          excludeChunks: ['app']

    Thanks for any tips 🙂

  • Due to no answers in some time I will try to add some detailed questions.

    Is it even possible to have multiple entry points with quasar cli?
    Maybe I can use some package or extension to build two js files in one time to one directory?

    If not how do you think I should hack this?
    Should I biuld my second entry point and copy it to statics folder?

  • @lucaste it would be nice to have an opportunity to generate multiple html files. As for now, Quasar works in SPA - SINGLE page application mode. If you want multiple html pages in one www directory I can think of such options:

    1. you could make different quasar project for every page. There is an option in configuration, where you can change default “index.html” to anything. Quasar wisely produces unique file names (for css,js etc), so you could copy all of them into a single www directory.

    2. there is a router in Vue so if it’s ok then you can use single index.html with # routings - index.html#page1 or index.html#page2. Ugly but works.

    3. you could make a SSR project in Quasar with all the pages you need as in previous solution and then make some rewrite rules on your reverse proxy. In example index.html -> ssrhost/index.html#index, mypage.html -> ssrhost/index.html#mypage etc.

    4. you can write feature request on Quasar github page and wait until it will be implemented. I’m somewhat sure, that sooner or later this will be easily possible, because multiple pages from one project is a rather common use case.

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