Progressive Button native styling and its Loaders.

  • Hey. Are there any plans to make the progressive loading buttons closer to the native ones, material having those round spinner etc. If not, do you need any help with that?
    Also, and this is just an idea, could we at some point, have a start, done, error methods on the intermediate so it can go back to its default state after X amount of time? I know I could run a timeout on my “progress” prop and set it to 0, but it can get a pain, I would have to extend the quasar button with my own button to not write it everytime.
    On a side project of mine I implemented pretty much the same because I couldn’t use quasar there and it is really useful for Ajax calls and what not.

  • Admin

    Code for that is already in v0.14. Please wait for the release.

  • Ok. Just wanted to give a helping hand 🙂

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