Excuse me, Could I config printer setting in js?

  • Hi all, I base on Meteor + Quasar.
    I tried to create Restaurant System.
    Now I would like to Config Printer Setting on JS.
    How to do?

    My problem is:

    • I have 2 printer connect My PC: One on reception and one in the cook
    • I create 2 button Print to Reception, Print to Cook
    • I would like to silence mode printing with specific printer name

    Thanks for your helping

  • AFAIK, printing is only within the realm of the browser and not the realm of JavaScript. So, you can’t control where a print goes directly. You might want to rethink your workflow. For instance, if you have control over the server, which it seems you do, you could just “send” the order to the kitchen/ cook. Let the cook decide which order to print out. So, you’ll need something like a kitchen queue. In it, you’d have the list of orders still open and some indication that the order was already printed out by the kitchen staff.

    Hope that makes sense. 😄


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