Extra class for td.

  • Hello,

    How to set extra table td class? I know about classes in column definition but it doesn’t works?

    <q-td :class="props.row.code"  key="code" :props="props">  

    it works but it code is in upper case, but i need in lower case.

    <q-td :class="props.row.code.toLowerCase();"  key="code" :props="props">  

    It doesnt works.

    If i set classes in:

    columns: [
        name: "code",
        laebel: "Code",
        classess: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

    in table td cell doesnt have xxxxxxxxxxx class.

    This classes is for th not for td.

    How to do it?


  • <q-td :class="String(props.row.code).toLowerCase()"  key="code" :props="props">  

    It works.

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