is on lots of block lists - can you stop pointing to it so I can access the documentation

  • Hi,
    My place of work blocks domains that send out spam.
    According to our security team is on a couple of block lists due to being a low reputation domain.

    Bad Reputation Hosts 
    Uncategorized Domains identified as having a bad reputation. This includes hosts owned by known spammers, payload URLs, malicious tracking domains and domains associated with low reputation networks, amongst other factors.

    Apparently the way we block is via DNS so I can get around it by using a different dns server but I am sure others will have this problem.

    Would it make sense to turn off the redirect from at least until the new domain has established a good reputation?


  • Hi @metcarob
    There are technical reasons why we are not able to stop redirecting to It sounds to me like you are saying that the security team won’t issue a whitelisting ticket for - even though at your company you are using Quasar, which is an open-source, community based project that is free?

    Not going to quibble with you, but I see only a couple solutions here:

    1. Demand that secops whitelist as an important asset to your work. Tell them that the core team of the Quasar Framework is requesting links to their badrep blocklists.
    2. Git clone the repo and build the docs locally.
    $ git clone
    $ cd quasar/docs
    $ yarn
    $ quasar dev -m ssr

    [edit] FYI - the domain processes approx. 500,000 page-views monthly.

  • Thanks for the response. I am going to ask the security team to whitelist and see what they say.
    In the mean time I put the following into my hosts file:

    That seems to have got the site working.

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