How can i make rules text as popup

  • :rules="[ val => val.length > 0 || $t('L_SOLLTE_FAHRZEUGPROFILNAME_EINGEBEN')]"

    The text for this rules comes under the input element and that broken app design

    So please Help to make that text as popup

    My second question is:
    This is a rules for q-select but it is not working for me

    :rules="[ val => val.value ]"

    Selcet options:

    selectOptions: [
              {label: 'label 1', value: 1},
              {label: 'label 2', value: 2},
              {label: 'label 3', value: 3},
    <q-select class="col-12" standout v-model="model"
                    :options="selectOptions" :label="'select label'" stack-label
                    :rules="[ val => val.value ]"

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