0.17 Datetime Input incorrect date displayed?

  • For some reason, when I set the model programmatically (vs manually picking the date), the datetime input component displays the selected date as 1 day earlier, bur it has a value of the correctly selected date when I inspect it in vue dev tools. How can I get this to display the correct date (e.g. the assigned value of the model)?

    <q-datetime v-model=“from” type=“date” format=“YYYY-MM-DD” minimal/>



  • I think it has something to do with using dashes vs slashes, but according to the documentation it should work if I provide a format.

    It also only happens on months that have a leading 0…


  • I was able to hack this to work locally by changing the actualValue computed property in QDatetime.js to just return the value, since I know I am setting it correctly.

    //return formatDate(this.value, this.computedFormat, /* for reactiveness */ this.$q.i18n.date)
    return this.value

    However, now I don’t know how to keep that change in my netlify deployments. 😕

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