Serving Quasar App as a Node App on AWS?

  • Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to host a Quasar app as a node.js app on platforms such as AWS?
    If that’s not possible, what are my options to serve it online? Currently, when I upload my work to AWS, I get a Cannot GET / message on the main page so I’m not sure how to go about this.

    Edit: I realise this is more of a Vue.js question as opposed to a question about the Quasar Framework. I’ve asked it here:
    However, if anyone of you do know about it, please reply. Thanks!

  • Quasar is a front-end / client application framework. There is no “node” version, except the dev server, which obviously isn’t built for production use.

    If you want to serve a Quasar app from node, you need to build it and then run an HTTP server** on node and point it to the /dist folder.

    ** This is just an example.

    If you are looking for a server-side rendering version of Quasar, that isn’t yet available.


  • Alright, thanks Scott. Wasn’t entirely sure on how to go about it. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction 😄

    Edit: Wow, http-server is very simple. Now I just need to figure out how to have it all set up on AWS

  • Admin

    All you need is to upload the /dist folder after a build to ANY hosting provider.
    In the case of AWS, you can use s3_website CLI to easily deploy:

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