Accessing VUEX Store inside a Dialog with custom Component

  • Quasar V1.05
    i am using the Dialog plugin with an custom Component to show the Dialog in different pages.

    export function showResultsDialog (parentRoot) {
    return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
    component: RlShowResultsDialog,
    root: parentRoot
    }).onOk(() => {
    }).onCancel(() => {

    This function is called inside a page like this:

    Everything seems to work, but inside the custom Component i can not access the VUEX Store because
    this.$store is undefined.

    Where is my mistake ? Has any body solved this problem? Thank you!

  • I have the same problem. Can someone help?

  • @ReDeLe can you try to create your dialog inside a boot file, see if it works ie.

    // boot/customdialog.js
    ... // your dialog impl
    export default ({Vue, app}) => {
      Vue.prototype.$cDialog = showResultsDialog(app)

    Btw this guide
    Is called inside a vue file, so i think it should be called with that signature.