I can't seem to get routes done correctly [solved]

  • I intended to have the route in index.vue because of how the conventions of Quasar are setup.

    I was under the impression that Vue switched the router based on the context, so that the quasar-tabs and children should only effect the <router-view> on their level. Also, the Quasar boilerplate shows that a <router-view>-like component can be injected on the index.vue.

          Replace following "div" with
          "<router-view class="layout-view">" component
          if using subRoutes
        <div class="layout-view">

  • As this is really based on vue-router i guess you need to tell the router that this is a sub route, inside your router.js file.

    I quess (I am quite new to Quasar too) that you still need a route setup that indicate subRoutes children in the route.js file. If you don’t, i quess the router only replace the topmost router-view.

    I may have misunderstood the vue-router but I am not sure it automatically can quess the route context, you have to describe it in the mapping … as far as i understand it.

  • Looks like adding all of my tab components as a sub-route of ‘/’ was the answer. I didn’t fully understand the docs/routing concepts. Thanks for talking it out druppy.

  • You are welcome

  • @wishinghand

    You need to define subroutes.

    Doing this, you are replacing ( inside App.vue) “index” with eg. “juliet”

    Do this you will be nesting “juliet” etc. inside “index”

  • @wishinghand said in I can't seem to get routes done correctly:

    Looks like adding all of my tab components as a sub-route of ‘/’ was the answer. I didn’t fully understand the docs/routing concepts. Thanks for talking it out druppy.

    oops, already solved I see.

  • @Martin No that extra screenshot was useful, thanks 🙂

  • Another question, but related to this thread, is once I have the suggested setup for sub-routes and my basic navigation loads each given route, where does my original index content live and how does it get loaded? Do I set it as a default? I’m pretty sure I’m approaching that wrongly.

  • @davewallace I’m not sure if I understand your question but I am using my index.vue as a dashboard which gets loaded by default into the App.vue <router-view> cause index.vue is mapped to path ‘/’.
    So in my case, my index content holds some chart stuff, lists etc, but has no <router-view>
    If I then load let’s say CompanyList, <router-view> inside App.vue gets loaded with CompanyList.vue. (swap with index.vue )

    If I would want to keep my index content visible, whatever page I’m on, I would have to put a <router-view> inside my index.vue and set up router.js accordingly

    ‘/’ maps to /index
    children (shown in index.vue <router-view>):
    /index/companyList maps to CompanyList.vue
    /index/contactList maps to ContactList.vue

  • @Martin You’ve straightened that out for me, thank you, the stuff I’m working from has been cobbled together from a previously mostly working Vue prototype, turned into a Quasar prototype, doubtless I got a couple of things mixed up and then tried following the wrong thread; sub-routes, which I simply don’t need.

  • @Martin @davewallace Thank you for this thread - I was asking myself the same question but I still have one question which I can’t wrap my head around.

    This coincides with dave’s last question: How do I set the initial page when

    ‘/’ maps to /index.vue
    (My index has a toolbar and a footer, and inbetween there’s the router-view element.)

    and you have children, including e.g.

    /start (which hosts the content that is supposed to be shown when starting the app, but within q-layout of index.vue)

    Right now, ‘/’ takes me to the index page, showing the toolbar and the footer, but no content. ‘/start’ shows the desired starting content, but is obviously not the starting point of the app.

    How would I set up my routes so that a child of index is automatically loaded, or am I taking a completely wrong angle on this? As far as I understand q-layout (and router-view), simply pasting my starting content into index will miss the point obviously as it won’t get dynamically swapped by router-view, but what’s the alternative?

    Thank you very much in advance for anyone enlightening me on this 🙂

  • @a47ae Thanks, I think a redirect would not work in this case, or am I wrong? Even if redirecting from “/” to “start” would not get me there, as “index” holds q-layout (including header and footer). So I would have my content, but without the navigation…

  • I have a splash screen mapped to ‘/’ so the app always open with splash.vue.
    However, in the splash component I use the created() method to conditionally redirect to another page.

    created () {
          if (....) {
          else {

    Maybe this approach works for you?