QDate with QInput, date not change when update value

  • Hi all,
    My Quasar version is v1.0.0 and I am using QDate with QInput like this:

    <q-input outlined v-model="datePickupOrg">
          <template v-slot:append>
            <q-icon name="event" class="cursor-pointer">
              <q-popup-proxy ref="qDateProxy" transition-show="scale" transition-hide="scale">
                <q-date v-model="datePickupOrg" mask="DD-MM-YYYY"
                        @input="() => $refs.qDateProxy.hide()"/>

    I have 2 functions, one is Add New Date and one is Update Date. With Add New Date, I choose a date from popup and the date is showed in QInput. With Update date, the date is loaded correctly. However, when I choose a new date, the date is not updated in QInput until I do an action like Submit button.
    I am not sure if I am using wrong code anywhere. Anyone can help me to fix it? Thanks!

  • Can you make a codepen to demonstrate your code and your intentions?


  • It is a good suggestion. Yeah, I tried a simple sample in codepen and the issue has not happened. Maybe there are something wrong in my project. Thanks!

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