q-dialogue persistent still does not disable background clicks

  • <q-dialog v-model=“otpDialgoue” persistent transition-show=“scale” transition-hide=“scale”>
    <q-card style=“min-width: 400px”>
    <div class=“text-h6”>Enter one time password received in sms</div>

          <q-input dense v-model="otp" autofocus type="tel" >
            <template v-slot:prepend>
              <q-icon name="fas fa-lock"/>
        <q-card-actions align="right" class="text-primary">
          <q-btn flat label="Cancel" v-close-popup />
          <q-btn flat label="Confirm" v-close-popup />

  • @rajkishanav make a reproduction codepen pls, the one in docs example works https://quasar.dev/vue-components/dialog#Example--Persistent.

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