new here, trying to get advice about cordova in relation to quasar

  • new user here, hello all!
    Can you give some advice on where to start reading some docs about cordova in relation to quasar?
    My app is already in the store so I’m soooo happy, is in beta, but I did nothing in relation to cordova yet, for example when running in android dev mode I don’t know how to do a console.log() 🙂
    Another thing, is there a way to use my phone connected to the computer (a pixel 2 xl and running archlinux in the pc) for development?
    Good to be here

  • If your running arch you need to:

    Put your phone in development mode (different for each phone so check Google)

    Connect your phone to your pc using a package like mtpfs which allows access to phone media

    You also need Android studio or at least some of the binaries like adb

    Then just develop normally quasar dev -m c and you’ll see an APK / an app installed on your phone which updates in real time based on the changes you make.

    If your using a desktop env like gnome you may not need to use mtpfs

    I’m on my phone rn but I’ll test tomorrow, but pls let me know how this turns out

  • For docs in realtion to quasar see the quasar doc page and go from there , it’ll likely take you to the Cordova docs

  • @mKomo my phone is working, thanks a lot

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