Playing videos on mobile (android and ios) from source or url!

  • How to play a video on mobile apps using quasar. I have tried using Qvideo but only the sound works and no video. Same thing with QMediaPlayer. What I want is to play videos from sources like youtube or from the video original url ?


  • QMediaPlayer is a wrapper around the HTML5 media element and can’t play YouTube or Vimeo. QVideo should allow you to do that as it is really just an iframe. If you are not getting video, then there is an issue with your system, possibly a CORS issue or account with YouTube/Vimeo, etc.
    The QVideo examples play from YouTube just fine:

  • @Hawkeye64 Thanks for the replay. Yes Qvideo uses iframe and QMediaPlayer uses html5 video. However my problem happened when I ran the app on android studio emulator. The sound works fine but the video does not show up. After doing some research I found that the emulator is not able to run the video. So I build the app and run it on my mobile phone and it worked fine.

  • @salman That’s good to know as I didn’t know that. Thanks for taking time to figure it out.

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