Quasar course on Udemy: "Quasar Framework with Vuex and Firebase"

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    In this course by Danny Connel, you’ll learn how to use Quasar Framework - along with Vue.js, Vuex & Firebase - to create a real-world app using a single codebase and get this app production-ready and deployed to all the major platforms.

    The app will have it’s own Firebase backend. So users can register, login and see their data sync in real-time across all their devices.

    You’ll add icons and splash screens for all devices and get the app production ready for the Web, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

    Use this link and 50% of the revenue will go to the Quasar Team: Visit course

  • @rstoenescu I got this course to help me as I got started with Quasar, and it really helped me quickly understand Quasar and be more productive.

  • Great course! I’ve finished about 50% already.

    I only wish it taught how to work with Firebase Cloud Firestore instead of Firebase Realtime Database.

    Other than that, I really like it!

  • I concur - great course, wish I had seen it earlier. I am searching for examples of deploying Quasar SPA to Azure App Services, but so far have found none. If anyone is aware of such examples, please add to the Forum with appropriate tags to be findable. At present, there are only three postings re anything Azure - all having successfully deployed except for icon issues. Needed: Steps 1, 2, 3 to deploy Quasar SPA from VSCode to Azure (either directly or via GitHub). Thanks, Sam

  • @alvinru

    I don’t know why Danny chose an older (almost deprecated) Firebase service (old realtime) when he was making this new course. This might cause some viewers to return the course back to Udemy. As Firestore is different that the old realtime DB.

  • I’m about a 25% through it, and I really like it. I think Danny did a great job.

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