How to disable hashing on filenames

  • Hi guys, I’m trying to remove the hash generated in filenames with the command quasar build.


    And what are those three first files. I need those three files names to be static because I need to reference those files on _LayOut.cshtml (Asp .Net Core) and i dont want to change them every time i build my project

    Sorry for my broken english, I’m spanish speaker.

  • All those files are .js files but for some reason your view of them isn’t showing the file extension. Try turning on file extension names.

    I’d suggest you find a different approach to go about your referencing the files. Otherwise you will be losing cache busting capabilities, meaning your users will not be getting newer versions of your app, when you rebuild and publish it.

    I’m personally not sure what setting or settings are necessary, but it is Webpack doing the file name hashing/ cache busting.

    And you can control webpack in Quasar through the quasar.conf.js file.


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