BottomSheet on Desktop

  • Hi, I’m new here…

    I’m trying to use BottomSheet on desktop in a more affordable way, keeping on mobile as is. Is possible to open on desktop over target instead of bottom? Is to reduce distance from mouse cursor to sheet options… BottomSheet is nice for mobile devices, but I think that on desktop, should be rendered (or handled) in a different way, like QSelect or rendered as popup (context) menu and v-touch-hold should be interpreted as context (mouseright) event not as long click on desktop (or non touch) to get a “natural” action on desktops to use right click to get context options.

    Components with links (:to) on mobile devices, v-touch-hold shows the browser context menu for URL actions (open, share…) and I must add @contextmenu.prevent, but that should be handled by v-touch-hold when present.

    How can I access the QItem inside the event of the v-touch-hold who fired this event? With @contextmenu I can set arguments to function call (item index or reference), but with v-touch-hold I can’t.

    Is possible to mark as disabled the actions of the BottomSheet?

    Thanks in advance…

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