Vuex HMR setup problem

  • Hi!

    I stuck trying to setup Vuex to work with HMR.

    I just created new project from scratch by quasar create. After that, in store/index.js, few lines from documentation added:

    if (process.env.DEV && {['./module-example'], () => {
        const newExample = require('./module-example').default
        Store.hotUpdate({ modules: { example: newExample } })

    But every time I update module files - nothing is happening (according to Vue DevTools). Store don’t updating. Only if I kill Quasar process in terminal and restart it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    P.S. No errors, HMR is working fine with SFC.

  • You shouldn’t need to add anything to get HMR with Vuex in a Quasar project. Did you add that code to the store/index.js file?


  • Yup. I just removed that code and now store is updating after I close DevTools and open it again. Is that normal behavior? Maybe it’s DevTools issue…

  • I was wrong when expected Store state to be updated with HMR - this shouldn’t have happened. I was confused because even when I just refreshing a tab - store kept its old state. I tried to work with getters, actions, etc. and it seemed works fine. Thanks 😃

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