Celebration day! v1.0 Stable has been released!

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    We’re finally there! Final build for 1.0 stable is here!
    Enjoy and join the celebration with us ❤

    Changelog from last rc versions to final 1.0.0:

    quasar v1.0.0

    • feat(QInfiniteScroll): @load param done(stop) also stops the component #4415
    • feat(QColor): new prop (“palette”) for custom palette on palette tab
    • feat(QTabs): new Boolean prop - “stretch”; When used on flexbox parent, tabs will stretch to parent’s height
    • feat(QTable): Define scoped slots props Object as enumerable and configurable.
    • feat(QSelect): Implement virtual scroll, start on selected option
    • feat(QEditor) propagate all events
    • feat(QDrawer): allow mini drawer to “open” as overlay through “mini-to-overlay” Boolean prop (#4500)
    • feat(ui): perfect layout sizing for mobile platforms
    • fix(QSelect): Prevent calling filter when selecting single options on mobile
    • fix(QField): Make label use the full width when floating
    • fix(QDialog): Guard inner node on focus change
    • fix(QSlider/QRange): Fix @change event #4428
    • fix(QColor): fix @change event
    • fix(ie): QItem avatar min-width
    • fix(QEditor): Cannot read property ‘isCollapsed’ of undefined #4439 #4441
    • fix(QBadge): Add back pointer events when floating #4444
    • fix(QBtnDropdown): don’t allow round buttons
    • fix(QTable): sorting on Boolean col fails in certain scenarios #1689
    • fix(QForm): Emit with original submit event to prevent errors
    • fix(QInput): Fix freeze when using mask
    • fix(QSelect): flicker on iOS when scrolling menu #4427
    • fix(QSelect): improve menu scrolling perf on Android
    • fix(QInput/QSelect): IME composition support #4482
    • fix(Dialog plugin): Avoid submitting dialog if using a textarea prompt #4490
    • fix(QLayout): smooth page scroll on iOS for containerized QLayout
    • fix(QSpinner): on iOS
    • fix(QResizeObserver): initialize correctly on iOS platform; with effects on QLayout, QDrawer, QHeader, QFooter

    @quasar/app v1.0.0

    • feat(app) add afterDev hooks
    • feat(app): stop previous dev server before creating new one on quasar.conf build changes
    • feat(quasar) pass quasar config to afterDev and afterBuild hooks
    • feat(app): Improve workspaces support
    • feat(app): Ability to pass extra params to underlying “cordova” or “electron” executables #4417
      $ quasar dev -m ios -- some params --and options --here
      $ quasar dev -m electron -- --no-sandbox --disable-setuid-sandbox
    • Bump default template to Electron v5
    • quasar <cmd> also looks at commands supplied by installed app extensions
    • fix(ie): cssnano incorrectly transforms key values (0% -> 0) #4430
    • fix(app): public path with URL not working: http(s)://… #4451
    • fix(app): Remove unnecessary globalPaths for Electron in dev mode

    @quasar/cli v1.0.0

    • feat(cli): Workspace support for “quasar upgrade” command #4457

    Docs website

    • New pages: Meet the Team, Layout Gallery, Style > Breakpoints
    • Reorganized top right menus
    • A lot of additional components examples and various improvements regarding feature explanations

  • Kudos!! It’s a great work you guys are doing!


  • Congrats to all the team! 🙂

  • Hurra Hurra Hurra (Swedish Hurray Hurray Hurray) - on your birthday

  • Congratulations! So good to hear.

  • Congrats! I saw a comment said before today the 0.1.xx version is already well play as a final release. But I am very happy the quasar I love becomes 1.0!!

  • Admin

    Well done everyone! Big congratulations!

  • @rstoenescu Great day for Quasar … congratulations to you and all the team on getting all the hard work completed and moving Quasar forward so much.

    By the way, everyone, there’s an article about the release on Medium … if you can, go and give it claps and leave a comment saying nice things about Quasar and Razvan


  • I’m totally enthusiastic about your work and the speed, many thanks to the whole team !!!

  • I’d like to congratulate the whole team for this release, surely a major milestone for this beautiful project!

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