How to test the upcoming v0.14 of quasar-framework

  • To those of us anxious about testing the new work, here are some instructions (and hopefully Razvan won’t mind this, otherwise please delete this topic):

    git clone
    cd quasar
    npm install
    npm run build
    npm link

    You could also run npm run dev (or quasar dev) to take the dev code for a test, in the browser. Now go to your existing project, based on 0.13.6 code, and run

    npm link quasar-framework

    The previous link command linked the quasar packages as dev package, now this command will make a local link to the global link.

  • Not for the faint of heart, be prepared to browse the code to figure out what has changed. But that’s the interesting part, right? Quasar has very high quality code and is pretty much idiomatic vuejs, so you’ll learn a lot just by browsing its code.

  • Admin

    Currently working on documentation then will release the first beta.

  • Admin

    Also mind that code is not yet ready for beta, but will be very soon. iOS theme for example is completely untested.

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