Missing quasar source maps?

  • Hello!

    Ever since I upgraded from 0.17 to v1, when I try to use the javascript debugger in Chrome, the quasar code is minified, which is making it hard to figure out some of my problems. I’m not that familiar with webpack, but I think this means source maps aren’t working properly? I’m launching quasar with “quasar dev”.

    Oddly enough, Chrome thinks it is showing me the source map. The subtitle in the code window reads “source mapped from quasar.esm.js” but it’s minified/uglified.

    Anyone know what’s going on?


    My specs in case it’s helpful:

    Mac OSX Mojave
    Chrome: Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Operating System - Darwin(18.5.0) - darwin/x64
    NodeJs - 11.15.0
    Global packages
      NPM - 6.9.0
      yarn - Not installed
      @quasar/cli - 1.0.0-rc.2
      cordova - Not installed
    Important local packages
      quasar - 1.0.0-rc.5 -- High performance, Material Design 2, full front end stack with Vue.js -- build SPA, SSR, PWA, Hybrid Mobile Apps and Electron apps, all simultaneously using the same codebase
      @quasar/app - 1.0.0-rc.7 -- Quasar Framework App CLI
      @quasar/extras - 1.1.4 -- Quasar Framework fonts, icons and animations
      vue - 2.6.10 -- Reactive, component-oriented view layer for modern web interfaces.
      vue-router - 3.0.6 -- Official router for Vue.js 2
      vuex - 3.1.1 -- state management for Vue.js
      electron - Not installed
      electron-packager - Not installed
      electron-builder - Not installed
      @babel/core - 7.4.5 -- Babel compiler core.
      webpack - 4.34.0 -- Packs CommonJs/AMD modules for the browser. Allows to split your codebase into multiple bundles, which can be loaded on demand. Support loaders to preprocess files, i.e. json, jsx, es7, css, less, ... and your custom stuff.
      webpack-dev-server - 3.7.2 -- Serves a webpack app. Updates the browser on changes.
      workbox-webpack-plugin - 4.3.1 -- A plugin for your Webpack build process, helping you generate a manifest of local files that workbox-sw should precache.
      register-service-worker - 1.6.2 -- Script for registering service worker, with hooks
    Quasar App Extensions
      *None installed*

  • @nejlyn try using yarn, delete your node_modules folder then yarn install, also quasar upgrade -i after that.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to make a difference. 😞

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