Android install hook

  • Looking for a hook that will be called when app is installed (cordova android). I’m hoping to use for app registration with my API (no not using firebase, ever).

    Can’t find anything in docs for quasar or cordova but I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere. Could be my search terms though

  • Hello @daithi

    I am not a Cordova expert, but AFAIK there’s no such hook on Quasar. Do you want to hook on app installation or app first execution?

  • @lucasfernog installation, thanks. Yep had a look at cordova and no joy either. Firebase provides what I’m looking for but vendor lockin is not an option.

    I’m looking to create a GUID that I can use for app authentication to an api. The main issue is that there will be no user info stored, email/username/pswd with my app. So I’m thinking next best thing is to have a GUID register the app on installation, I can check the format of this GUID in the API and register the app.

    I suppose I can do the register logic when app is mounted - if no GUID exists. Will leave issue open for bit to see if anymore suggestions - thanks 😉

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