New promotions to Core Team

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a big announcement to make. We have 4 promotions to Core this month: Lucas, Allan, Scott and Tobias. More to follow, because we have some really great people that need to be acknowledged!

    • Lucas has surprised all of us with great quality PRs out of the blue on new features for the CLI and also the docs. He’s also essential for the new Webview Quasar mode.

    • Scott has been with Quasar for a very long time. He’s extremely dedicated and engaging with the community daily, helping them solve their problems, both on Discord and especially on the forum. He’s also written powerful articles on Quasar.

    • Allan has been working hard on some of our Quasar products (like AntiVuln) and has been conducting very important research on security. He’s also been working on QRibbon app extension and he’s active on forum and discord. He’s also helping with our Radio Show logistics.

    • Tobias is very prolific on the Discord channels and is essential for the Audit Unit project. He’s also working on a Theme engine app extension.

    Join me in congratulating all!

    PS: We’re also preparing a “Meet the Team” page with all of our Staff 😉

  • @rstoenescu They’re all excellent additions to the Core Team … great guys all of them.

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    Congratulations everyone.

  • @Allan-EN-GB Well deserved

  • Admin

    @digiproduct Thanks mate but that goes for all of them. It’s nice to see the hard work highlighted of each member. Helps us appreciate everyone that little bit more for the work they do (and sometimes unseen).

  • @Allan-EN-GB Very true … didn’t appreciate the work that Lucas is doing so much work on webview until the Radio Show.

    Really the only really visible core team members are thos e that are active on the discord forum and here on the forum … I’m sure there are even more we should be thankful for.

  • And @s-molinari too … many thanks for the excellent contributions here on the forum.

  • Thank you! So proud to work with this project. Let’s make it better!!

  • I’m honored and also proud to help. I love it when people come to us and then say they “love” Quasar. 😁 That’s a great NPS score and it’s fun to work on something that gains such affection. 😁


  • Congratulations on the beautiful work, incredible work you do.

    Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho, incrível que vocês fazem.

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