Masks limits

  • Hi.

    After reading the docs I couldn’t find a way to make more dynamic masks, like repetition patterns, changing mask based on input, etc…

    For example, a “money” input needs a mask able to handle thousands as they grow (10,00 -> 1.000,00 -> 1.000.000,00 -> etc…)

    Some masks should accept small variations in length: (21) 3244-3344 or (21) 99899-3344 (fone masks on Brazil)

    There are ways to do that with only Quasar or I do have to use third party libs?

    There are some good ones, like vue-the-mask and v-money, any chance to natively support / integrate that?


  • I have the same problem. I’m search about the mask by variations of length.

  • Me, too.
    I am looking for a mask for an IP address input field.

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