Switch from Patreon to Github Sponsorship

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    Hi wonderful people,

    Thank you again to those supporting Quasar Framework Development. You keep the ship floating!

    I wanted to point out that there is a better alternative to Patreon for helping out financially: Github Sponsorship


    • Your donations go 100% to Quasar as Github Sponsorship does not take any cut from the donated amount (like Patreon does)
    • For our first year on Github Sponsorship, your donations will also be matched by Github. So for every $1 that you donate, Github also donates $1 to Quasar, making it a total of $2.
    • We can better track donors on Github to prioritise them

    Migrating procedure in order to keep your Discord VIP channel access:

    1. Send me a private message with your username on our Discord server. Github Sponsorship program does not yet have a Discord bot, so will add/remove people manually until this feature gets shipped.
    2. Delete the Patreon pledge.
    3. Submit same pledge on our Github Sponsorship page: https://github.com/users/rstoenescu/sponsorship
      Remember that by using Github Sponsorship we get double the amount that you donate, so it would help quite a lot!

    Note: Github Sponsorship will charge you immediately on subscribing.

    Thank you in advance!

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