@quasar/app 1.0.0-rc.7 released!

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    Unless anything major is found, this is the last RC before final v1.0.0!


    • Updated deps (showing the most important ones): autoprefixer 9.6.0, webpack 4.34.0, webpack-dev-server 3.7.2, compression-webpack-plugin 3.0.0, css-loader 3.0.0, file-loader 4.0.0, mini-css-extract-plugin 0.7.0, url-loader 2.0.0, fast-glob 3.0.1
    • feat: add --publish (or short: -P) option to quasar build command which can trigger new hook (quasar.conf.js > build > onPublish; or through App Extensions Index API new api.onPublish method)


    • fix(electron bundler): replace references to ‘appPaths’ to ‘appPath’ (#4375)
    • fix: run command – help parameter not ending up being treated by the AE’s registerCommand hook

  • Hey nice job! I’m porting the project from v0.17 and everything runs. But I really wanted to thank you due to updated new break-point sizes! Screens are now bigger and bigger, so it made a lot of sense to get rid of 992px point. Thanx a lot!
    @rstoenescu & CO great job!

  • Awesome. Great job!!!

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