Quasar 1.0.0-rc.5 released!

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    Unless anything major is found, this is the last RC before final v1.0.0!


    • feat(QScrollArea): new methods - getScrollTarget(), getScrollPosition()
    • feat(QPagination): new props input-style and input-class for input prop (#4281)
    • feat(Dialog): Add “html” boolean prop #4332
    • feat(quasar): text-strike CSS helper class #4373
    • feat(quasar): Tweaks on QSelect dropdown indicator and on QField append slot
    • feat(QCardActions): Enable align with vertical mode too #4282


    • fix(QSelect): QSelect’s updateMenuPosition method not found #4278
    • fix(api) some required props is not correctly marked as ‘required’ (#4280)
    • fix(api) QEditor API indicating that value is required (#4292)
    • fix(quasar): Fix hour (h) parsing from date with meridiem (#4297)
    • fix(api): Typo on QInfiniteScroll.json (#4317)
    • fix(QInput/QField): Use all placeholder styling combinations (#4368)
    • fix(ie): Misc flex related bugs (#4366)
    • fix(quasar): Obey model in QTabs if it is used (specific scenario fix) (#4372)
    • fix(quasar): Hide native Firefox field invalid, keep label float on invalid numeric fields (#4371)
    • fix(QSelect): Adopt attributes on non editable q-select fix: #4352 (#4357)
    • fix(quasar): Adjust detection threshold for QTabs container (#4353)
    • fix(QInput): handling type number #4355
    • fix(quasar): Some mdi icons from the mdi-v3 icon set are obsolete #4384
    • fix(quasar): Do not filter after adding new value in QSelect is in single mode
    • fix(QSelect): close popup when single mode and using new-value #4307
    • fix(QSelect): QSelect inconsistent disable style #4312
    • fix(api): add more precision in the options-cover props with use-input
    • fix(QBtn): Submit button not working correctly in Safari inside of a dialog #4262
    • fix(QMenu): Menu does not gets shown on IE11 #4253
    • fix(QInput/QSelect/QField): prefix and suffix breaks into multiple lines #4396
    • fix(QResizeObserver): Guard contentDocument #2619
    • fix(QMenu): Small issue with condition when QMenu gets destroyed
    • fix(QDialog): Do not force-close QDialog on back button on Cordova if it’s persistent #4400
    • fix(QInput): explicit aria-label not rendered #4401
    • fix(ie): Prevent QBtn double submit (check both clientX and clientY)
    • fix(ie): QField temporary duplicate bottom message when switching hide-bottom-slot

  • Trying the new input-class for QPagination, looks like it need to be a global class to take effect. I have been overriding .q-pagination .q-placeholder::placeholder to set it to a light white, so that is what I am looking at for the new property. Just thinking out loud on this, do you think the text-color should also cause the placeholder color to change to a lighter or semi transparent version of it?

  • Just noticed the Use all placeholder styling combinations fix, so doing this seems to accomplish what I want input-style="color: #fff !important"

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