q-select checkbox @input event capture

  • Hey everyone, I’m having a hard time trying to capture @input events on q-select checkboxes.
    Events emission seems to be nonfunctional on q-select, except for q-select radio.

    Indeed, with q-select radio, @input event capture works as it should :
    <q-select type="radio" @input="captureEvent"></q-select>
    2 events are emitted on radio selection : one from QRadio and another one from QSelect.

    When trying with q-select checkboxes :
    <q-select type="checkbox" @input"captureEvent"></q-select>
    A single event, coming from QCheckbox, is emitted. The input capture does not work.

    I’m I missing something or the component should normally emit an event from QSelect with checkboxes ?
    Note that I’m having the same issue with q-select toggle.

  • Admin

    Try the edge version, which is currently latest v0.13 branch, until v0.13.7 or v0.14 is released.

  • Still having same issue using nightly dist.
    I’ll wait for next release !

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