[Solved] Cordova Black Screen

  • Hey folks, I’m having a hard time pinning down why I get a black screen when deploying my Quasar application to an Android Emulator. Running in dev mode and running on the device work just fine. I’m using a simple workflow:

    quasar build
    cd cordova
    cordova emulate android

    Curious if anybody else has seen a similar issue that might somehow be tied to Quasar Cordova wrapper?

    BTW although the screen is black I can still click around on and interact with the page (I can see the console statements proving that things are happening).

    So annoying!

  • Admin

    Remove the Crosswalk plugin. I’ve had a similar case a while ago.

  • Also could you get your AVD run standalone via Android SDK manager? Black screen generally means your virtual device can’t boot because of wrong system image.

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys! It does run standalone (I can actually click in the different input fields of the login screen, just can’t see them!). I’ll see what it looks like without crosswalk and report back.

  • Ok, so I did the following:

    cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview
    quasar build
    cordova emulate android

    But same deal … only a black screen. I did have this working at some point. I’ll mess around some more today to see if I can figure it out.

  • What about cordova run android instead of cordova emulate android ?

  • It could also be a video driver issue. Try with -gpu off https://developer.android.com/studio/run/emulator-acceleration.html#accel-graphics

  • Thanks for all of the ideas @LaurentPayot

    The run and emulate commands perform the same thing for me (when I don’t have a device plugged in).

    I changed the graphics from Hardware to Software (might be the same as -gpu off, I couldn’t figure out how to get that to work with the Cordova CLI). And, low and behold!! I have a (very very slow) visible screen again!

    I’ll have to debug what’s going on with HAX / Graphics, but definitely not a Quasar issue :-). Thanks so much @rstoenescu and @LaurentPayot for helping me out!

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