q-select error

  • I am currently trying to incorporate a q-select dropdown in our VueJs/Nuxt App however, whenever I take the standard q-select from the documentation example, I get the error “TypeError: Cannot use ‘in’ operator to search for ‘label’ in English”

      <v-layout id="table" column>
        <LatestProject />
        <DashboardProjectGrid />
        <q-select v-model="model" :options="options" label="Standard" />
      import LatestProject from '~/components/LatestProject.vue';
      import DashboardProjectGrid from '~/components/DashboardProjectGrid.vue';
      import { Logout } from '~/shared/gateway.js';
      import { QSelect } from "quasar-framework/dist/quasar.mat.esm";
      export default {
        components: {
        data() {
          return {
            authenticated: false,
            model: null,

    If anyone can let me know what is not working, I’ve tried everything.

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