"glossy" style not implemented for q-chip component?

  • I attempted to apply “glossy” to the q-chip component as if it were a q-btn, but there was no effect. Then I checked the documentation, and there was no mention of any such style option.

    I expected that it would make the part that sits “underneath” look like a glossy button, but as of now, the result is no bugs/errors/warning, but no effect either. So if this feature were to be added later, I could harmlessly leave the tag as <q-chip glossy …></q-chip> with no ill effects.

    Is there a reason why this can not or probably won’t be implemented due to my own misunderstanding of how this would work?

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    “glossy” is also a Quasar CSS class. And you can apply it.

  • <q-chip class=“glossy”> in the Vue file works as expected. I’m not super confident about my CSS, and I assumed that the “glossy” modifier on q-btn was some wizardry that applied more than one class to child elements, so I didn’t even think to try this.

    Thanks for the tip, save me a lot of time and/or I was just going to leave it un-glossy otherwise.

  • hi i know how to use “glossy”, but i wonder, is there any other effects from quasar?, can you mention some of them?

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