Quasar v1 tree shaking using webpack

  • Hello, I am new to using quasar (Coming from vuetify). I was wondering if it was possible to use tree shacking with webpack, no vue-cli or quasar-cli.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Admin

    Hi and welcome to our community!

    Tree-shaking works by default with Quasar CLI (which is the recommended way to develop with Quasar, as described here).

    Does your question imply that you have a webpack setup of your own and are asking how to tree-shake Quasar?

  • Thank you rstoenescu.
    Yes that is indeed my question. I am in fact using laravel-mix. I would be interested in knowing if I can use tree shaking after installing quasar with a package manager.
    That option isn’t in the documentation so I was just wondering.

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