IDE for mobile app.

  • What is the best IDE for mobile app ?
    i jut evaluate intel-xdk.
    but it is not integrated with quasar…

  • Webstorm would be my choice.
    I’ve used Atom and Webstorm extensively and both work ok. (auto completion, coloring, plugins)
    Atom is free and works pretty well with VueJS/Quasar but I don’t like the code formatting. To get it in sync with eslint rules (which are also used in Quasar) is a real pain. I’ve tried quite some Atom plugins but it still doesn’t work as I want it to. In order to get rid of eslint errors/warnings, I had to start commenting out eslint rules.
    Webstorm is much better in that area.
    Never used SublimeText but I always read good reviews about it.
    Brackets is also a possibility but seems to loose traction compared to Atom. (both are open source)

    Since Quasar is all about hybrid apps (web browser, mobile browser) , I guess any IDE that supports HTML/CSS/JS will do.
    However, make sure it also has good code formatting that can follow eslint rules, or you’ll end up with this “custom added” mess…
    (or ditching eslint)


    btw: this is also a great source for anything VueJS related

  • I’m using WebStorm too and I think it’s the best option. You should install the vue-for-idea plugin so it could work nicely with .vue files.

    Be careful with the <script> tags in the .vue file : you have to add type=“text/babel” to reformat the code correctly.

  • Admin

    Good answers here. I’m using Atom as IDE. Lots of plugins for ES6, .vue files, Stylus, ESLint, Github and so on.
    As for intel-xdk --> you got Cordova (used by intel xdk too if I’m not mistaken), so why reinvent the wheel?

  • @rstoenescu Could you share your formatting settings/plugins used in Atom? I like Atom but there’s one thing that’s bugging me.
    When doing
    import {..} from '...'
    , the formatter adds linebreaking, which makes the code hard to read.

    I’m currently using the vue settings inside atom-beautify


  • Admin

    @Martin I use the following:

    Make sure to edit .eslintrc.js too because linters will pick it up. Can’t remember which rule to change in your case. Guess just try to format however you like and see which linter error pops up.

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